Buy this: Screen Printing Today by Andy MacDougall

The only book you'll need about screen printing. Photo: Squeegeeville

I've written about this book before on Instagram, so check that post out if you haven't already. I'm going to repost some of the thoughts that I had about it here with some minor changes. Enjoy!

When people talk to me about getting started in screen printing, I typically point them towards all of the usual suspects. Check out videos on Youtube -- Ryonet & Catspit are great places to start and learn about the process and equipment. If you need some supplies, buy them from AnthemBlick, Ryonet, or Pocono Screen Supply; however, before i do any of that, I tell them to get a copy of this book, Screen Printing Today by Andy MacDougall. Andy wrote a book unlike any other that had been written before it, a book that covers modern screen printing from top to bottom. It is truly an exhaustive look at what goes into the process from creating art to putting that art into production via the almighty silkscreen. The book is loaded with pictures, so you don't just need to lean on words to gather concepts. The kicker is that he has plans for a vacuum table for flatstock *and* a plan for a t-shirt printing jig in the back of the book. This book is the resource to reference if you're just learning how to screen print, even if you've been printing for ages -- everyone can learn something from this book.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the book if you haven’t already and share it with anyone who ever asks you about screen printing. Your friends, your employees, your relatives, your clients who maybe think you're charging too much. It's a great reference to enlighten yourself and those around you. The book is $39USD and it is available on Amazon, but you should buy it direct if possible — it is available at Squeegeeville.