How can I contact you?

That's an easy one! Hit me up at or via the Contact page. I reply to everyone regardless of the topic. Need some advice on your Fantasy Football picks? Count me in. Want to know the secret to great banana bread? I'm down to share my secret. Have an actual question about screen printing? Definitely get in touch. Next question!

Are all of your prints hand-printed?

You bet! All of our prints are hand-printed by us in sunny Portland, Oregon. We use a real simple setup of hinge clamps on a homemade vacuum table in our microstudio. It's far from glamorous, but it definitely gets the job done.


Jay Ryan, of The Birdmachine fame, said it best when talking about screen printing — there’s an “inherent charm of the process.” Meaning that screen printing is very hands on, when you manually print there is a lot of squeegee pulling, paper handling and cutting going on. So, if there’s a rogue scuff on the ink, or perhaps one area looks heavier with ink, or a slight misregistration — these are all due to the process and are expected to occur occasionally in the process. With all that said, we won’t ship any prints that we think are misrepresentative in any way. We quality check each print and any that don’t meet our standards get saved for test prints or get cut up into notecards. 

How are your prints shipped?

All of our prints are shipped flat in a custom printed mailer. We bag the print with a thin piece of chipboard behind it. We then tape the bagged print to a piece of cardboard, put another piece of cardboard on top and then put the cardboard/print sandwich in the aforementioned custom printed mailer. We feel like this gives the prints the proper care and protection they deserve. Depending on the weight of the package, we ship either USPS First Class or USPS Priority. If you need something shipped quicker, email me at and we'll get you hooked up.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the United States. We’d love to ship international, but the idea of someone spending the same amount or more on shipping that they spend on the print doesn’t make us feel good. We’re trying to figure out a more cost effective way to handle international shipping, but for now we’re just shipping in the United States. Our apologies to the rest of the world, we love you all and definitely get in touch if there's something you absolutely have to have.

How big is your studio?

We work out of a tiny studio that we’re guessing is around 108 square feet. If you take a look at our Instagram @floodpull, you can get an idea of what we're working with. We’ve been making it work somehow, but we’re looking at the possibility of expanding in the near future. If you've got any leads on studio space in Portland, definitely get in touch.

Can we wholesale your prints?

Sure…? That’s to say we don’t currently wholesale prints, but the possibility is something we’re interested in. If you have a store and want some prints, get in touch at and we’ll figure something out.

Why Should I Pay $x for a screenprint?

Great question. Our prints are hand-printed with air dry inks, the process gets significantly longer with the more colors that are added as there is mandatory drying time between each color. When you see a 6-color print, like our Battle of the Black Inks print, that means if it's an edition of 80, we pulled at least 480 squeegee strokes and that is with a few hour drying time between each color. So, we load the paper, print a single color, hang the paper to dry, wait, pull the paper down, stack it, and start over. With all that process accounted for, we charge what we deem a fair price and what makes our time worth it, but we'll never begrudge anyone their opinions. If the price seems too high, join our mailing list and you'll be the first to know about any coupon codes or sales that we run. Or just follow us on Instagram @floodpull and get in on one of our giveaways.