Floodpull is a website dedicated to giving any beginner screen printers a direct path to screen printing success. This is not an exhaustive learning experience, but rather a very pointed showcase of how we have done it and how you can too. 

Many sites and books will try and explain screen printing and all of the different ways to achieve the same thing. We aren’t going to do that, there are too many variables as it is, we’re going to give it to you straight up. Limiting variables through our experience and setting you up for success immediately. Anyone who has tried screen printing and failed is familiar with the immense highs (e.g. your first successful print) and the heartbreaking lows (e.g. an incorrectly exposed screen when you don't have any more coated). We are going to get you on the fast track to the highs.

This site is going to outline what I would classify as a pseudo-DIY approach to screen printing with non-toxic, acrylic inks on paper. Much of the same technique/equipment/process will transfer to putting prints down on fabric or other substrates, but our focus is on printing on paper. Also worth noting is that we don’t always go for the cheapest option, that is mostly due to the fact that the cheapest options rarely yield a desirable finished product. If you’re on a budget, we’ll note workarounds, but spare us the ‘this is too expensive’ notes — we know its not cheap, but believe us it only gets more expensive from here.

Our goal is to help answer the basic questions that come up during the intro to screen printing process and to get you up and running with minimal frustrations. Ideally, when you’re done and you’ve set yourself up, you’ll have an avenue to express yourself creatively and, if it suits you, be able to create things to sell. At the very least, you’ll gain an appreciation for just what goes into the screen printing process.

We're really excited that you're here and we can't wait to see what you create.


All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.